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Improving students’ information literacy competencies and learning across the senior secondary and tertiary sectors

Why I want to get better at developing psychology students’ information literarcy skills

A bit about me:  I’m a researcher in the School of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington. I also co-coordinate a third year course on learning and behaviour. My research is about gambling and impulsivity. I also connect research in... Continue Reading →

The hidden gem in the heart of our schools: The library

Source: It’s an exciting time for our Information literacy spaces team as we plan for this year’s research. We are liaising with our schools and tertiary institutions, have navigated our way through the human ethics approval process (still waiting... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on Information Literacy in everyday life

Hello!! First of all, let me introduce myself; I'm Anna, a relative newcomer to the Information Literacy research space. My background is in psychology and back in 2013 I completed my doctoral research investigating impulsivity and self-control, or how people... Continue Reading →

Lights, Camera, and ….. Action!

    2017, here we come! The Massey University led team here at Information Literacy Spaces were thrilled and excited to receive confirmation, as 2016 came to a close that our Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) funding application was... Continue Reading →

Should we still have print encyclopaedias in our libraries?

A discussion that regularly crops up within the school library fraternity, particularly at this time of the year when budgets are on our minds, is the debate around whether to update our print encyclopaedias.  Over the past few years, the perception... Continue Reading →

Conceptualising the information literacy space

The idea of considering information literacy (IL) as a ‘space’ emerged from five years of exploring the concept initially in the university sector and more recently in the transition from secondary to tertiary learning. I was introduced to the term... Continue Reading →

The intersection between schools, libraries and learning

School librarians are a crucial component in enhancing the student learning experience, and while I acknowledge there is huge and important work being done in the development and support of a reading society, in this post I want to focus... Continue Reading →

“Who ya goin’ to call?”: When students need help

  This weekend, Anna and I have been sitting at my kitchen table working on the data we've collected from schools about students' information literacy skills. These data come from the Information literacy rubric developed by one of our team, Angela... Continue Reading →

Why does information literacy matter?

We live in a digital age. Our students have more access to information, and a wider  variety of information, than any previous generation. Furthermore, the ways we use and access information are changing constantly. If the next generations of students... Continue Reading →

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