Information Literacy Spaces

Improving students’ information literacy competencies and learning across the senior secondary and tertiary sectors

Working together to ensure students become effective researchers: a project update from Whanganui City College

During Term 2 here at Whanganui City College things have been moving along.  Our biology teacher, Dave Elwood, and I came back inspired from the project’s hui in March, especially with the possibilities raised by Rose Hipkins and her NZCER... Continue Reading →


Time to Talk: Themes from Tertiary Collaborations & the National Project Survey

Recently at the RLL2 conference I shared some of the findings of a national survey aimed at tertiary librarians and academic staff. I want to discuss how these findings have been borne out in the project partnerships that I am... Continue Reading →

A progress report from Central Southland College

Term Two is underway and our teacher-librarian collaboration plans have swung into action with Biology at Level 3 & History at Level 2 leading the way. The History Standard The Level 2 History class has had 4 intensive sessions led... Continue Reading →

When change is good: what the expertise of a librarian can do for students’ learning

When our school started this research journey and the TLRI project (and we were an early joiner), I sat in the initial seminars thinking, as a recently successful uppity postgraduate, ‘Why would I get the librarian to do this information... Continue Reading →

Collaborative Planning

I have been fortunate to work with some great teachers over the years, and have enjoyed a collaborative partnership with many of them.  Some collaborations have been of the quick, basic, on-the-run variety, while others full team-teaching lessons. There are... Continue Reading →

Victoria University collaborative partnership projects well underway.

Our two first-semester 2018 Victoria University information literacy mini-projects are now successfully in progress. Each involves a librarian working together with a course coordinator or lecturer. One is taking place in a first-year architecture course. Students are completing a two-part... Continue Reading →

My collaborative experience: the benefits are already emerging!

Information literacy is a crucial skill set that by its very nature demands our attention as teachers. That is why the Information Literacy Spaces project is a ground-breaking, and an immediately relevant project to be part of. As a classroom English teacher,... Continue Reading →

Aurora College and its collaborative plans

As part of the Information Literacy Spaces project at Aurora College, we are passionate about disciplinary literacy and unlocking information literacy in particular for our students. Yet, if truth be told, we are not totally confident with how exactly we... Continue Reading →

Who teaches the “teaching librarian”?

  I'm about to attend the Flexible Learning Association of New Zealand annual conference here in Palmerston North - full disclosure, I'm also a member of the conference organising committee :-). I've attended regularly over the years, and other 'education'... Continue Reading →

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