Today the sub-team working on the tertiary aspect of the project had a full day meeting in Wellington. As the Secondary School team are kicking along so nicely we thought that it was now a good time to focus some time and energy on the tertiary sector.

Progress includes working on the national surveys to be distributed to academic staff and librarians working in the tertiary sector (Universities,Wānanga and ITPs), and developed some questions for structured interviews with senior managers in those institutions. The purpose of the surveys and interviews is to gather a baseline of data and information about the current understanding of and interest in information literacy across both teaching and library staff.

We also got some time to start thinking about the collaborative action research projects that will be undertaken in 2018. These case studies will involve academics and librarians working together to introduce a change or new approach to a course or programme that is aimed at improving information literacy learning outcomes for students. The impact of the change will then be evaluated and further changes or iterations can then be planned. There could be a range of different approaches as suitable to different institutions or environments.

That all sounds pretty exciting to me, so folks in the tertiary area – watch this space!