After an enthusiastic and productive two days of learning and sharing at our annual Hui, I returned to school and a mountain of work.

However, through the busyness, I was reminded how rewarding and exhilarating collaborating with a teaching colleague is.  My level 2 chemistry teacher booked space for her Year 12 class to use the library computers in the last three weeks of this term.  We then met to discuss the research requirements of the upcoming assessment.

Now, I am no scientist, and chemistry definitely doesn’t feature on my personal knowledge radar, but together we had a highly productive discussion that resulted in a planned collaboration that neither of us had expected.

After identifying areas for grade improvement based on the previous two years’ results for this assessment, my teaching colleague articulated wanting to try a strategy that would move some of this year’s cohort from a merit to an excellence grade.

In an attempt to achieve this, my focus will be:

  1. Guiding students to explicitly synthesise and evaluate research sources to demonstrate their depth of understanding in a written report.  I have an understanding of Bloom’s taxonomy and my teacher has the necessary level of scientific knowledge.

    New Blooms
    New Bloom’s Pyramid
  2. Developing a new log book template for recording resources used.  It will now incorporate the requirement of an annotated bibliography and abstract for each resource used to write their report. This will give the teacher an added opportunity to assess student understanding and connection with their research material.

We will also co-construct a pre and post survey to collect evidence of student-voice.  This will now be an extra teacher-librarian collaboration to fit in the implicit IL skills requirement.  Can’t wait to see how this all pans out.


Librarian, Southland Boys’ High School, Invercargill