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One month on: the role of information literacy in the wake of the Christchurch Mosque Attack

It is exactly one month since New Zealand was shocked to its core by a terrorist attack. Since the 15th of March, like most kiwis, I have felt a myriad of shock, sadness, anger, and fear; but I have also... Continue Reading →


Is presence by inference good enough?

Image from: In November last year, with the end of the school year in sight, the Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Task Force published its report entitled Te Whiria Nga Kura Tuatinitini: Our Schooling Futures: Stronger Together. The Task Force, chaired... Continue Reading →

A valuable resource

Do I perceive the role of teaching information literacy skills (ILS) to be part of my job as a school librarian? Absolutely. This is an essential role for which librarians are trained, yet many teachers are unaware of the information... Continue Reading →

News travels fast

(ABC News: Nick Drake) It was a hot, Indian summer’s afternoon, and I was sitting in a stuffy room in a committee meeting, when a news item from an English newspaper flashed up on my phone: there was a shooter... Continue Reading →

Digital Literacy, and how is it different?

We are undertaking a piece of work at my institution to develop a framework of digital literacies, or capabilities or competencies. The jury is still out on the terminology and definitions and many, many people have already developed these frameworks... Continue Reading →

Rewarding Product over Process is an NCEA assessment flaw.

My participation in the Information Literacy Spaces Project turned 2018 into a year of exciting challenge and change about the way I approached teaching my Year 13 English Students. I collaborated and co-taught NCEA Level 3 standards with our school... Continue Reading →

Learning to write in the psychology discipline

At the end of last year, I began a professional training programme of child and family psychology (similar to clinical training, but specific to child and family psychology). Our first assignment was to write a psychological report based on a... Continue Reading →

The room of requirement – really?

We are now two thirds of the way through our research on teacher-librarian partnerships, and over the summer I’ve been reflecting back on these last two years and all we have learned. It has been a truly joyous project. For... Continue Reading →

Go rogue! Information literacy’s role in decolonising the curriculum.

I was fortunate to attend a communication conference in the US is November, and attended the pre-conference focused on ‘Decolonising the Curriculum’ within the Communication discipline. The session was led by a diverse group of people, most of whom have... Continue Reading →

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