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The definition of information literacy – how much does it matter?

I work in the School of Psychology, and a group of us who do similar research meet each week to discuss topics of shared interest. Recently we discussed this article titled What is cognition? The article provides a range of... Continue Reading →


How far we have come!

As we head in to the last few months of our 3 year project it seemed timely to have a look back at the blog posts we have shared over this time. We, the project team, are thinking hard about... Continue Reading →

Old fiddles can play good tunes: essential information literacy skills of the 1990s are those of 2020s

Earlier this week I rediscovered the Essential Skills Assessments: Information Skills (ESA:IS) (2001) teacher’s manual and the accompanying CD of tests (photo) sitting in the bottom of the book shelf for at least the last 10 years.  The tests were... Continue Reading →

Of mice, librarians and geography teachers

My involvement in the Information Literacy Spaces (ILS) project has been an interesting mix of success, failure, frustration, and procrastination, along with opening my eyes to this area. As we enter the last half year of this research project I’d like... Continue Reading →

Navigating teaching from face-to-face to online library tutorials

I am the Subject Librarian for Architecture and Design at Victoria University of Wellington. As part of my role I support students in learning how to use the library. One of the key courses for first year Architecture students is... Continue Reading →

I orea te tuatara ka patu ki waho (A problem is solved by continuing to find solutions)

Tena Koutou I have been working with our librarian, Catherine, for many years, seeking her support and help at the commencement of my eighteen month diploma level nursing programme. The first session is usually an interactive session that guides the... Continue Reading →

Māori Performing Arts students achieve high NCEA grades by learning how to use traditional knowledge and contemporary academic information sources

Ka whakarērea te puha, ka whai te matariki. The inferior reeds are thrown away, the superior ones are sought after When one hears the term ‘deficit theorising’ one immediately thinks of students not being given an equal opportunity due to... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Classes: Information Literacy Skills Matter in Geography

Actually, in 2018, it was more like a tale of two and a half Geography classes. Timetable clashes with Chemistry and Digital Technology meant that six of my top Geography students from 2017 couldn’t take the subject at Level 2... Continue Reading →

Advocating for information literacy

My name is Katherine Chisholm, and I’m a Business Librarian at Massey’s Manawatū campus. When it comes to supporting students, my most important role is as an advocate for information literacy (IL). Bear with me as I try to break... Continue Reading →

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