Information Literacy Spaces

Improving students’ information literacy competencies and learning across the senior secondary and tertiary sectors



My collaborative experience: the benefits are already emerging!

Information literacy is a crucial skill set that by its very nature demands our attention as teachers. That is why the Information Literacy Spaces project is a ground-breaking, and an immediately relevant project to be part of. As a classroom English teacher,... Continue Reading →


Aurora College and its collaborative plans

As part of the Information Literacy Spaces project at Aurora College, we are passionate about disciplinary literacy and unlocking information literacy in particular for our students. Yet, if truth be told, we are not totally confident with how exactly we... Continue Reading →

A student perspective on Information Literacy

Kia ora! I’m Rose, the new administrator for the IL spaces team. I just recently moved to Christchurch to do my Masters in Child and Family Psychology at the University of Canterbury. Last year I was living up in Wellington... Continue Reading →

Making connections

  One of the best aspects of the work we've done through the TLRI (Teaching Learning Research Initiative) has been bringing people who wouldn't normally work together into the same room. In our last project, which was about the transition... Continue Reading →

“Election madness: Who should you trust?”

As we barrel forward into another election we are constantly being bombarded with stats, figures and sound bites all carefully curated to leave an impact. But the question that has been on my mind recently is, how much of this... Continue Reading →

Too much information?

I am currently attending a conference in Melbourne called Digital Campus and Blended Learning Innovation Forum: The New Era of Teaching and Learning. It does strike me ironic that such a conference on modern approaches to teaching and learning should... Continue Reading →

Project Newsletter 1: May 2017

Hello everyone This is the first in a series of short TLRI Project  ‘newsletters’  to keep you informed about what’s happening, and to share our upcoming events and milestones.  These newsletters will be posted regularly here on the blog and we... Continue Reading →

The Feekery Information Literacy Model

When exploring Information Literacy (IL) as part of my research in 2010, I had little understanding of a concept that would later develop into one of my main foci as an educator. My understanding of IL was strongly informed by... Continue Reading →

Encouraging Encounters

I am in the fortunate position of having a foot in pre-service or initial teacher education (ITE), and in-service teacher PLD that mainly focuses on disciplinary literacy.  In both cases, I work in lecture theatres, on-line environments, classrooms, and staffrooms,... Continue Reading →

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