Information Literacy Spaces

Improving students’ information literacy competencies and learning across the senior secondary and tertiary sectors

Sustainability, Information Literacy, and Libraries.

I'm involved with a professional learning community at Victoria called VicTeach. We recently ran a session about sustainability in teaching and learning in conjunction with Victoria’s sustainability office. The office focuses on the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). The SDGs... Continue Reading →


“Election madness: Who should you trust?”

As we barrel forward into another election we are constantly being bombarded with stats, figures and sound bites all carefully curated to leave an impact. But the question that has been on my mind recently is, how much of this... Continue Reading →

Secondary teacher training, information skills instruction, and the gap between the two?

In and amongst the mundane and predictable parts of our jobs are activities and roles that we love to do, and are highlights of any given year. These include me observing and mentoring pre-service teachers through lesson observations, on-going on-line... Continue Reading →

National IL Survey

Exciting project news: the national survey of information literacy is now live and available  here! We want to hear from New Zealand secondary teachers, librarians, and school senior management to gather their thoughts and experience with information literacy and school... Continue Reading →

“And then we add my special secret source”: Do cookery students need APA style? Referencing is a necessary part of academic writing. Many students can’t see the point of it at all, and even more struggle to grasp its intricacies.... Continue Reading →

Too much information?

I am currently attending a conference in Melbourne called Digital Campus and Blended Learning Innovation Forum: The New Era of Teaching and Learning. It does strike me ironic that such a conference on modern approaches to teaching and learning should... Continue Reading →

Talking past each other: we need to start communicating differently

On Friday 02nd June, I was invited to contribute to a panel discussion in a session for a secondary school teacher-only-day professional development conference. The conference was co-ordinated by an organisation called Wellington Loop ( and was entitled LoopEd... Continue Reading →

The Information Literacy Rubric 2017

Earlier this year we launched a new online version of the Information Literacy rubric that we have previously described here on the blog. The rubric, which was originally developed by Angela, Lisa and Ken as part of their TLRI funded... Continue Reading →

The tertiary team

Today the sub-team working on the tertiary aspect of the project had a full day meeting in Wellington. As the Secondary School team are kicking along so nicely we thought that it was now a good time to focus some... Continue Reading →

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