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Information literacy and online learning for secondary school and internal tertiary students under COVID-19

My son is 15, doing NCEA level 1 this year.  He is now learning at home, navigating his workload independently using materials provided by his teachers. It is indeed a strange way of learning for him and his peers and... Continue Reading →

PISA’s warning: teachers need to teach Information Literacy explicitly if we are to reverse the decline

On December 03rd 2019, Stuff news reported on the results of the 2018 round of the OECD’s PISA(1) testing in Reading Literacy, Mathematics Literacy and Science Literacy(2). The article noted the consistent downward trends in achievement, since 2012, of New... Continue Reading →

Connecting Digital Citizenship and Information Literacy: Part 1 of 2

In 2018, the Ministry of Education introduced the Digital Strategy and Curriculum into New Zealand schools for Years 1-13. The digital technologies curriculum combines skills for using electronic devices and hardware as well as supporting students to develop as thinkers,... Continue Reading →

Encouraging the ‘why’ behind information literacy skills: a student perspective

I recently read this article by Barbara Fister, and it was as if something jumped off the page at me. I recommend you read it as there’s a tonne of really valuable insight in there about the intricate web of... Continue Reading →

That Was Then….

As a sole charge librarian, my daily routine before involvement in this project would have included any or all of the following tasks: Cataloguing and processing of resources Issuing and returning of books Planning and setting up displays Shelf tidying... Continue Reading →

Un-silencing the silent voices

Our information literacy research has highlighted the importance of bringing minority or indigenous voices into our research conversations with students and colleagues. I previously posted on information literacy’s (IL) role in decolonising the curriculum. As I reflect on that post,... Continue Reading →

The definition of information literacy – how much does it matter?

I work in the School of Psychology, and a group of us who do similar research meet each week to discuss topics of shared interest. Recently we discussed this article titled What is cognition? The article provides a range of... Continue Reading →

How far we have come!

As we head in to the last few months of our 3 year project it seemed timely to have a look back at the blog posts we have shared over this time. We, the project team, are thinking hard about... Continue Reading →

Old fiddles can play good tunes: essential information literacy skills of the 1990s are those of 2020s

Earlier this week I rediscovered the Essential Skills Assessments: Information Skills (ESA:IS) (2001) teacher’s manual and the accompanying CD of tests (photo) sitting in the bottom of the book shelf for at least the last 10 years.  The tests were... Continue Reading →

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