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One month on: the role of information literacy in the wake of the Christchurch Mosque Attack

It is exactly one month since New Zealand was shocked to its core by a terrorist attack. Since the 15th of March, like most kiwis, I have felt a myriad of shock, sadness, anger, and fear; but I have also... Continue Reading →

News travels fast

(ABC News: Nick Drake) It was a hot, Indian summer’s afternoon, and I was sitting in a stuffy room in a committee meeting, when a news item from an English newspaper flashed up on my phone: there was a shooter... Continue Reading →

“Election madness: Who should you trust?”

As we barrel forward into another election we are constantly being bombarded with stats, figures and sound bites all carefully curated to leave an impact. But the question that has been on my mind recently is, how much of this... Continue Reading →

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