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The room of requirement – really?

We are now two thirds of the way through our research on teacher-librarian partnerships, and over the summer I’ve been reflecting back on these last two years and all we have learned. It has been a truly joyous project. For... Continue Reading →


Sharing the effort to get the reward: the librarian, my students, and I

When I first started teaching research skills I noticed that students, who were supposedly digital natives, did not know how to find information, and when they did find any they did not know how to tell if it was any... Continue Reading →

To Infinity and Beyond!

To Infinity and Beyond was not the first title I thought of when contemplating what to name this blog post. As someone who manages to always find a quote, song or movie title for most occasions, I had three possible... Continue Reading →

Making the implicit explicit: Reactions to chemistry report writing and collaborative learning

It’s fair to say that when I left teachers college three years ago I had greatly underestimated how much focus there would be on teaching literacy strategies. As a science specialist, I had been taught some scientific literacy, but mostly... Continue Reading →

When change is good: what the expertise of a librarian can do for students’ learning

When our school started this research journey and the TLRI project (and we were an early joiner), I sat in the initial seminars thinking, as a recently successful uppity postgraduate, ‘Why would I get the librarian to do this information... Continue Reading →

Collaboration in Action

After an enthusiastic and productive two days of learning and sharing at our annual Hui, I returned to school and a mountain of work. However, through the busyness, I was reminded how rewarding and exhilarating collaborating with a teaching colleague is. ... Continue Reading →

National IL Survey

Exciting project news: the national survey of information literacy is now live and available  here! We want to hear from New Zealand secondary teachers, librarians, and school senior management to gather their thoughts and experience with information literacy and school... Continue Reading →

Talking past each other: we need to start communicating differently

On Friday 02nd June, I was invited to contribute to a panel discussion in a session for a secondary school teacher-only-day professional development conference. The conference was co-ordinated by an organisation called Wellington Loop ( and was entitled LoopEd... Continue Reading →

Research Planning with Students

The library I work in at Southland Boys' High School has been a flurry of research activity this year!  Last term Year 7 & 8 classes were researching World War I, Year 9 & 10 social studies classes a variety of... Continue Reading →

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