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How far we have come!

As we head in to the last few months of our 3 year project it seemed timely to have a look back at the blog posts we have shared over this time. We, the project team, are thinking hard about... Continue Reading →

Adding Learning Theories to My Information Literacy Teaching Kete

“As with any classroom instructor, librarians require familiarity with learning theories. Once these are mastered, librarians’ contribution to the academy will not be limited to the “production” of information for patrons, but rather the addition of critical thinking to the... Continue Reading →

Māori Performing Arts students achieve high NCEA grades by learning how to use traditional knowledge and contemporary academic information sources

Ka whakarērea te puha, ka whai te matariki. The inferior reeds are thrown away, the superior ones are sought after When one hears the term ‘deficit theorising’ one immediately thinks of students not being given an equal opportunity due to... Continue Reading →

The room of requirement – really?

We are now two thirds of the way through our research on teacher-librarian partnerships, and over the summer I’ve been reflecting back on these last two years and all we have learned. It has been a truly joyous project. For... Continue Reading →

Collaboration in Action

After an enthusiastic and productive two days of learning and sharing at our annual Hui, I returned to school and a mountain of work. However, through the busyness, I was reminded how rewarding and exhilarating collaborating with a teaching colleague is. ... Continue Reading →

The hidden gem in the heart of our schools: The library

Source: It’s an exciting time for our Information literacy spaces team as we plan for this year’s research. We are liaising with our schools and tertiary institutions, have navigated our way through the human ethics approval process (still waiting... Continue Reading →

Lights, Camera, and ….. Action!

    2017, here we come! The Massey University led team here at Information Literacy Spaces were thrilled and excited to receive confirmation, as 2016 came to a close that our Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) funding application was... Continue Reading →

Conceptualising the information literacy space

The idea of considering information literacy (IL) as a ‘space’ emerged from five years of exploring the concept initially in the university sector and more recently in the transition from secondary to tertiary learning. I was introduced to the term... Continue Reading →

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