So you know what our team are up to, here is a list of where our team have presented findings from our research and been involved in important discussions around IL skills in Aotearoa and internationally. We have many more presentations in the pipeline so watch this space!

Anne and Anais

Anne and her collaborative partner Anais Saysell presented at the LIANZA conference 2019:Navigating from face to face to online teaching tutorials‘. You can find the abstract here.




Angela (with Carla Jeffrey) will be presenting about their Rauru Whakarere Evaluation Framework at Talking Teaching 2019, Diverse Learners: Inclusive Teaching conference in November.

Tertiary librarians who are members of Lianza Telsig journal discussion groups are meeting in November to discuss the Rauru Whakarere Evaluation Framework and how they can use it with academic staff to teach students to effectively evaluate information at their tertiary learning institutions. The discussions will be based around the recently published Set article and the teaching descriptors for the framework both written by Dr. Angela Feekery and Carla Jeffrey, the co-creators of the framework.

Senga presented at the SLANZA conference in September 2019, ‘Cloak of invisibility – Mind reading, magic, and other librarian superpowers‘. Check out her slides.

Senga presented at the LILAC conference in April 2019 in Nottingham, UK; ‘Making the invisible visible: Developing collaborative practice models through an academic transition lens – a New Zealand context’

In July 2018, Lisa presented at Advance HE Teaching & Learning Conference 2018 in Birmingham, ‘Wasted space: Integrating information literacy into the curriculum’

In June 2018, Lisa presented at European First Year Experience 2018 in Utrecht, ‘Successful student transition: Enhancing academic and information literacy through collaborative partnerships’

In May 2018, Senga and Catherine attended the Research for Librarians by Librarians 2nd Symposium, Senga presenting ‘The beating heart of the school? Teacher and librarians perspectives on the school library’ and Catherine presenting ‘ Information Literacy Spaces in the Tertiary Environment – Perception of librarians, academics, and senior management’ (Heather contributed to the latter presentation but was unable to present due to illness).

In November 2017, Senga attended the FYSEC 2017 Colloquium, presentation ‘Tertiary transition – Bridging the information literacy gap’

In September 2017, Senga and Catherine attended the LIANZA conference, presenting on ‘Transforming information literacy spaces to support student learning’

In July 2017, Senga attended the SLANZA conference, presenting ‘A framework for buidling an information literate community’