“One aspect of this collaboration that has been especially rewarding is that the students’ work has been much better than in previous years; I feel like the IL skills I taught [them] actually made a difference” – Participant, Librarian

“As a school librarian saying yes to every opportunity presented by a teacher opens the door to collaboration, thereby supporting and enriching student learning” – Participant, Librarian

“Never too old to learn new approaches, new strategies – learning is life-long, skills can continue to be challenged, refined and expanded” – Participant, Librarian

“I’ve really enjoyed this project in the development I’ve seen in the students as well as myself. This hasn’t just been a nice personal development project, but a vital aspect of my programme that I’ve needed to survive this meaty Chemistry topic without the meaty Chemistry knowledge” – Participant, Chemistry Teacher

“I particularly valued the fact that it feels like we were equipping our students with tangible skills they will take with them into tertiary education and the workplace” – Participant, Teacher

“Through collaborating with our qualified librarian, my students are getting the very best, most up-to-date teaching of information literacy skills from an expert. Not only will this teaching benefit the students for the assessment, but it will also help them for the future when they navigate their first tertiary assignments” – Participant, Teacher

“Being involved in the Information Literacy Spaces project has confirmed for me that the intersection between collaboration and information literacy is sharing – teachers and librarians sharing an understanding, a vision, a vocabulary, their successes and failures; underpinning their collaboration with enthusiasm and trust; and embedding it into the learning opportunities for students” – Senga White, Librarian

“As a student myself, being part of the Information Literacy Spaces team has had the added bonus of helping me to reflect on my own information literacy skills. What a difference this has made to my learning and writing! I am now a staunch advocate for teaching IL skills earlier, in high school and undergraduate courses” – Rose O’Connor, Junior Researcher


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